Impacting the Lives of Others

one person at a time

I believe that we all influence one another, the things that I do today, and what I say to people will affect future generations. So, I choose to make a concerted effort to impact the people that I encounter in a positive way. For example, I try to make people smile. I understand that we are all going through some challenging times, but I know the power of a smile.

I do believe that if I’m able to make one person smile,  greet them with a good morning or tell them that they look beautiful today that that will change, even if to some a very small degree, their overall attitude or mood.

And that can have a ripple effect.

I want to be that stone that is dropped into the pond and though it’s a tiny little stone it reverberates out and affects the entire ocean.

About Kimberly
Kimberly Gilgeours of Butterfly Focus





I  take financial concepts and help people understand them in everyday terminology. Once they understand these concepts, I take the time to educate them on how to apply these concepts into their lives, so that they can transform, not only their financial situation but have an impact on future generations. I want to help them to change the trajectory of their family’s financial future by getting rid of the financial burden. Teaching families and individuals how to create generational wealth, but not just create it, also understand how money works, so they can apply to their lives.

My passion for this mission is strong.  I work extremely hard to bring information to people where they are in their lives so they can apply it. My belief is in making one or two small changes can have a great impact on someone’s life. If they can make those small changes their financial situation in their household would change dramatically.



I’m able to provide different perspectives to my audience on key topics and issues that not only put them at ease but give them the ability to implement them into their lives for real change, whether it be financial concepts, strategic life lessons, or technical education.

I’m able to share my knowledge and experience with individuals through many platforms. My experience has been presenting to small and large groups. In addition, I offer zoom and webinars. All of these platforms will be both interactive and responsive.



My experience in coaching has allowed me to support and mentor anyone who wants to learn more about how money works and different financial concepts that they can implement in their lives to make a difference. As I mentioned, I work with all individuals, have an affinity for women. My life experience has shown me the challenges that we all face and the struggles and hurdles we have to overcome.

I coach women by sharing experiences, seen and lived, to enable them to use that wisdom or that information, to make wise or better decisions for them and their family, my coaching and the information I share is proprietary to me and my life’s experiences. It’s not based on just knowledge and facts, but real world experiences and outcomes.

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