Butterfly Focus serves as the foundation for individuals who are struggling with their life journey. As the Founder of Butterfly Focus, I hope by sharing my story it will allow others to see their life through a different lens. My goal is to teach that through continued personal development and growth individuals can live their life to their fullest potential. In order to effect change in your life, I want you to begin to see where you came from and where you can go. I am here to support you on your journey and offer any guidance to fulfill your goals both personally and professionally. I have assisted hundreds of people to get to a better place in their life when they were at a point where they felt confused and defeated about their future.

Kimberly Gilgeours of Butterfly Focus


Together through our shared experiences, we can transform ourselves and those around us. Returning to our essence and becoming all we were meant to be.

Kimberly Gilgeours of Butterfly Focus


  • Faith First: I believe we all have a specific purpose in this life, and it is from that belief and my faith that I have learned to grow from the hills and valleys along the journey to Ultimately meet whom I was born to be.
  • Personal Growth: I see life journey as an excellent teacher.
  • Family: the family has many meanings. We make family through connections, we are born into a family, but we are all connected.
Kimberly Gilgeours of Butterfly Focus

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